Ibex t-shirt design

Of all the bestiary that adorn the objets d’art of the ancient Near East, none has had so long, nor so eventful, a life as the ibex. First appearing on Samarran ware about 5500 BC, the ibex was among the earliest of the animal images to be seen on Near Eastern pottery. The ibex remained a popular symbol in Mesopotamian art possibly because of it's long, branch-like anters, resembling the Tree of Life - a symbol of fertility. 

The ibex received a contemporary look for a new t-shirt collection I'm designing based on the symbols of ancient civilizations. 

With a little help from printmaking expert Britt Spencer and his screen press, the ibex design was printed on multiple shirts, included mens' & women's styles. There's something particularily satisfying about wearing my own designs; I've already begun designing more to screen print.  

Sleigh Ride

In the past, I've had the pleasure of designing promotional art for one of my favorite bands, The Last Bison. I was so pleased when the band commissioned me once again to do the cover for their Christmas EP.

© 2013 Shannon Snow

The main reason I love working with The Last Bison is that they always ask for designs that really challenge me as an illustrator. Every time I've created work for them, I always come out with a super complex illustration that I'm really proud of.

Here's a link to previous work I've done for The Last Bison.

Bookporn: when "Nerdy" and "Sexy" became analogous

I love doing the artist swaps at Ten Paces & Draw. It reminds me of when I used to do them with my friends on DeviantArt. I was pretty young then, maybe 13 or 14, and most of my friends were older - they all seemed successful and talented, and I was just elated that they wanted to collaborate with me. So when the girls at Ten Paces told me that this swap was going to be a combination between working illustrators and students, I jumped onboard immediately. I love a bit of role reversal. Not only that, but the theme was pretty cute, too: we were asked to pick any random hashtag to base our sketches on.

The sketch I received was from MICA student Kate Seltzer, with the chosen hashtag of #bookporn. These swaps are all about having fun, and that is exactly what I did with Kate's sketch.

© 2013 Shannon SnowTo see Kate's sketch accompanied by mine, check out the entire swap over at Ten Paces & Draw.

On the topic of books and porn, I've seen a lot of shirts over here in London that say "GEEK" and "NERD." These shirts are from Topshop, one of Britain's huge fashion retailers.  Are nerds sexy now? I've always thought so.

Waffles & Pancakes, Breakfast adversaries brought together by a mutual love of syrup

Back with another update, brought to you by Ten Paces & Draw. Always a pleasure. This time, the artist swap was themed "Hand-Lettering."  The sketch given to me featured a quote by Mitch Hedberg: A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap.

© 2013 Shannon Snow

To view the entire swap, including my hand-lettering sketch, click here NOW.

If I'm honest, I prefer pancakes. I actually like the way the syrup sort of goes everywhere because there's a nice pool of syrup to drown my bacon in. And yes, I am from the South.

Deandri & Solestruck Contest

A few hours ago, I saw that Solestruck, one of my favorite online shoe warehouses, was having a contest.  The premise was to draw your favorite Deandri shoe.  Hey, I never turn down an opportunity to draw some killer shoes (especially if there's a chance I'll snag a free pair!) . 

© 2012 shannon snow

That's Medusa rockin' the Olga.  I've really enjoyed playing around with sort-of-complementary-color schemes.  I hope it catches Solestruck and Deandri's attention!

Southern Cats Got Claws

A month or so ago, I was invited to participate in one of my favorite blogs, Ten Paces and Draw.  It's a wonderful blog because it gives illustrators an opportunity to work together in a really fun way!  Ten Paces and Draw is known for its Artist Swaps, and they recently started featuring Mix Tape challenges, where illustrators create a piece based on a song.  Loretta Lynn's "You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man" is the song I chose.  

© 2012 shannon snowI hammered this one out this past Sunday.  Sometimes I just get so involved in an illustration, and I won't leave my Cintiq for hours.  Does it look like I had fun with it?  My favorite part was definitely playing around with the red/green color palette.  If you'd like to see a bigger version, just mosey on over to my portfolio.

Hey Y'all

It's been a while, hasn't it?  A lot has been going on down here in Savannah!  In my last post I mentioned that I was applying for an illustrator/designer position at a company called Geneologie. May you can tell since I haven't posted in 2 months, but I got the job! Basically I create designs for apparel and other products.  The company has a really lovely bohemian asthetic that's right up my alley.  So far I've really enjoyed working for Geneologie and seeing my designs on shirts all over the country. 

The June/July issue of Girl's Life magazine just came out on shelves.  I haven't gotten a chance to pick it up yet, but I have three illustrations featured in this month's magazine.  Super fun, summery illustrations, too!

© shannon snow© shannon snow© shannon snowI was going for complementary color schemes on all three.  I think they turned out really vibrant and fun.  Always love working with the art director of Girl's Life magazine.


Just finished a SUPER ULTRA FUN-TIME illustration.  It is a design for a mock Alpha Phi event.  Since I went to SCAD , I never really experienced Greek life.  That is, until I went to visit my sweet little cousin at the University of Alabama.  SO much fun, it was crazy to be exposed to probably the polar opposite of art school. Anyhow, those sorority gals have a t-shirt for EVERYTHING.

© 2012 shannon snow

My cousin gave me her approval, and I'm hoping the company I designed it for likes it, too!


Lol. That title. Anyhow, I just finished an illustration about fun ways to exercise.  This was one of those pieces where I couldn't step away from the Cintiq.  I whipped up this super lively sketch last night and couldn't wait to take it to finish.

© 2012 shannon snow

Complementary color schemes are a recurring theme in my illustrations.  Lately I've really been leaning towards turquoise/red palettes, but this time yellow and blue really looked great!

© 2012 shannon snowTo see a full-size version, please refer to my portfolio!


A product of recent internet hype, Lana Del Rey is currently one of the most quickly emerging artists.  Her album "Born to Die," which has mixed reviews from critics, drops tomorrow.  I'm interested to see the direction her career goes in.  Will she fade back in obscurity, or will she continue to live up to the hype?

© 2011 shannon snowHer rise to fame seems very calculated, with the change-of-name and plastic surgery she's had.  But I find her fascinating to look at, like watching a living doll.  And as for her music, I actually really like it.  Check out her single "Born to Die" here.

For this piece, I used a repeat pattern that I created a while back.

The Republican Madhouse

© 2011 shannon snow

Michele Bachmann as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (clockwise from bottom: Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Jon Huntsman), or as i like to call it: the Republican Madhouse.  this was done for Square Carousel's "Fairy Tale with a Twist" challenge, and i just couldn't help myself.  also, i did think i needed some more political figures in my portfolio.  hello, New York Times?

see the full size image in my portfolio.


the October/November issue of BUST magazine is finally out!

© 2011 shannon snow

the article is about how brides have been portrayed negatively in television in film lately, and how bridesmaids are the ones we seem to identify with.  i got my copy in the mail last week - it looks great!

overall, a really fun illustration to work on.  thanks, BUST!