finally got my copy of worcester magazine! last march i did an illustration for their annual poetry issue.  maybe you’ll recognize (clockwise) shakespeare, allen ginsberg, elizabeth barret browning, poe, and emily dickinson.

also, a piece of mine was accepted into SCAD’s communication arts show! the show encompasses different pieces from all the majors within the school of communication arts, which includes illustration, advertising, graphic design, and sequential arts.

oh yeah! if you’re in the asheville area, keep an eye out for me in WNC magazine, which is coming out next month.

hellooo, graduation announcements!

d-day, uh, i mean, graduation is just around the corner!  a little less than three weeks actually.  with all the costs of having my promo mailers and business cards printed, i didn’t have much cash left to have my graduation announcements printed.  solution? screen print them!

inexpensive, simple, and pretty funnn, too.  who wouldn’t appreciate a little hand-made print? and it’ll show my family and friends that i haven’t been finger painting for the last 4 years.

rain, rain, go away...

today started off with a failed attempt to make it out to SCAD‘s sand arts festival.  well, actually, we did make it out to tybee island, and were met with some very chilly rain, so getting a bloody mary at sting ray’s seemed like a good alternative.  eventually the sun came out; i have a pretty strong feeling the bloody mary had something to do with it.

anyhow, there were a few gallery openings this evening.  the highlight was the opening of 1704, one of savannah’s newest galleries. katherine sandoz, who i happen to intern for, was one of the featured artists.

photo by britt spencer

melissa hagerty (fellow intern), me, and katherine

hellooo, hair poster!

 few weeks ago, i found out that a poster of mine was selected for SCAD‘s production of the musical Hair.  really exciting news!  well, what’s even more exciting is spotting it all over savannah.

here she is lookin’ ~large and in charge~ outside the lucas theater.

and i just keep finding her all over downtown!

go see it for yourself when Hair opens may 12 at 8pm at the lucas!

SCAD sidewalk arts

so, i entered SCAD‘s sidewalk arts festival this past saturday.  it’s one of my favorite events thats SCAD puts on; i’ve been partaking in it for the past 4 years.  undergrads, grads, alumni, and prospective students are allowed to participate.  we basically get a box of sidewalk chalk and 3 hours to art our hearts out.

and here i am with my square.  about 45 minutes before the event, i decided to draw scotland’s very own infamous sea monster.